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correctly use slappasswd

    I recently test the slappasswd tool to encrypt the rootpw, and I find there some error in this tool
, fortunately I have three another tools to do this ,one is a pragram write by myself ,the second is a tools from the qmail+ldap patch , and the third is from Apache package , below is the bug in slppasswd :
1. when you use command like this:
   #slappasswd -v -s mykey -h {md5}
the result is wrong
2. when you use command like this :
   #slappasswd -v -h {md5} -s mykey
the result is right
3. but for {crypt} mothod , the position of -s which described above can  both produce right encrypt key
4. Is someone contact the same problem?
                                                          lucky! :P)  by China, X.D.Chen