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Re: OpenLDAP + autofs integration


        Many thanks for your reply.  I happen to be using OpenLDAP 1.x
(because I couldn't find a good description of how to setup Samba for
LDAP authentication with 2.x [another unrelated goal for our system]
whereas I found a nice document for 1.x) so things are a little
different (unfortunately)

> o now add the following schema to OpenLDAP (you'll also need to
>   include the nis.schema file)
> attributetype ( NAME 'automountInformation'
>         DESC 'Automount information'
>         EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match
>         SUBSTR caseExactIA5SubstringsMatch
>         SYNTAX{1024} SINGLE-VALUE )
> objectclass ( NAME 'automount' SUP top STRUCTURAL
>         DESC 'Automount information'
>         MUST ( cn $ automountInformation )
>         MAY ( description ) )

          I created a /etc/openldap/automount.conf with the following in
it and included it in /etc/slapd.conf :

objectclass automount

         (no idea if this is right or not).

         Now I can add this okay :

dn: ou=auto.opt,dc=teleng,dc=anu
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: auto.opt

         but I get one of those lovely (and downright useless) "Object
class violation" messages when trying to insert

dn: cn=home,ou=auto.opt,dc=teleng,dc=anu
objectClass: automount
automountInformation: -rw,hard,intr foobar:/opt/home
cn: home

	The problem is most likely to be obvious, but I can't see it.
Any ideas ?


James Macnicol