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Re: Multiple Master - CVS?

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 11:50:56AM -0700, Eric Parusel wrote:

> As well, if I do use a version from CVS, how stable is it?  Obviously if
> I have a need for redundancy, I have a need for stability or more
> importantly, data integrity. 

Simple: if you need stability, do _not_ use experimental software. Usually
the CVS versions of any software is not guaranteed to even compile. If
you have the time and knowledge to debug and fix it if it's broken
(including rebuilding corrupted databases etc.), then go and try it;
otherwise, wait for a release containing official support for the features
you need.

That being said, I'm using various CVS versions for quite some time now
without major problems. You just have to be careful when to upgrade
(latest is not always the greatest). Another trick is to run different
versions on different machines, so if one version has a fatal bug you can
still save your database from the other machines (happened to me once or


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