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RE: How do I configure LDAP to hold Address book?

From the descritpion:

ldap-abook is an LDAP-based addressbook application, intended for users wishing to maintain a centralized server based addressbook. It provides a schema for an LDAP directory, a Perl library module, and a CGI script. The Web interface is used to view, add, modify, and delete entries. Any LDAP-aware email client (eg. Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.) can be configured to look up email addresses on the LDAP server. The package also includes a Perl script which can be used to dump the directory onto a PalmOS device.


I haven't tested it yet as I'm still beeing attacked by my computer when trying to get pam-ldap to work. Now I'm trying the LDAP-SDK from the mozilla soure so I can compile it. If anyone has managed to get pam-ldap + ol 207 working on a rh7 pls speak up ,) 


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I would study up on the various schema available. Check out the schema files inside the /usr/local/etc/openldap directory. You should be using objects of the inetOrgPerson, organizationalPerson, person, and top objectClasses. Look to see what they allow and require. It might help to check out some documentation out there, such as in the Admin guide.

Nagendra wrote:

Hi,     I am a new bee as far as LDAP is concened.    I did able to install openldap-1.2.11. Now, How  do I populate LDAP directory with email entries, so that I can use it as centralized address book.  Please, give me detail steps Thanks in advance,Nagendra.