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Re: slurpd

Perhaps you're binding to the server as a user NOT described as the updatedn
DN? That happened to me when my updatedn did not match with what I was trying to
bind as.

Anthony Dean wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm having a problem with slurpd creating reject files for modification which do
> get replicated.  Wouldn't bother me too much, but there is no easy way to tell
> if a modification got replicated.
> All servers are running OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on either HP-UX 11 or Linux (2.2.14).  I
> have one central server which has 19 subordinate directories.  One of those
> subordinates gets replicated to 18 servers, the other 18 subordinate directories
> get replicated to 1 server each.
> When I make a modification on the central server the reject file for which ever
> server if goes to gets "ERROR: No such Object"+details of modification appended.
>  But the modification IS replicated to the appropriate server.
> This is if the slave does not have a "updateref" line in slapd.conf, if it does
> have "updateref" the error is "ERROR: Referral".  Either case the replication
> does work.
> Anthony