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Re: Solaris automout entry progress(?) [was: Re: OpenLDAP support for LDAPv3 features?]


Ok, just so y'all know.  I'm looking at the Solaris8 source for
automountd right now, and have a few more things to try.  For those
of you who also have the source, the important routines are in:


These are specific for automountd, seperate from nss_ldap.  According
to one of the comments and the OpenLDAP debug output, automount entries
should have the following syntax:

   dn: cn=local,nismapname=auto_import,LDAP_BASE
   objectclass: nisobject
   objectclass: top #(is this necessary?  Sorry, don't know LDAP that well :) )
   nismapname: auto_import
   cn: local
   nismapentry: -ro,nosuid hosta:/export/local

Now I'm still haveing some problems.
 - It doesn't seem to like my auto_master map to find the auto_import map.
 - With a /import entry in /etc/auto_master it finds the auto_import map ok.
 - I can also see each of my entries (like local) under /import (I'm not
   using '-nobrowse' for now)
 - 'cd /import/local' still doesn't work.  I get 'Permission denied' and I
   don't see any traffic going to 'hosta'

I'll keep plugging, and I think chances of success look good once I get the
entries correct.


Tomas Maly wrote:
> I've been using the open source automounter with linux (I compile it
> from source), and have it working in a production network with no
> issues. Just so you know.
> Archive User wrote:
> > >>Solaris LDAP client says it requires the following LDAPv3 features:
> >
> > >These are not LDAPv3 features.  That is, they are not part
> > >of the "core" protocol.  They are elective extensions to
> > >LDAPv3.
> >
> > >OpenLDAP elects not implement these extensions.
> >
> > Is there anyother way to support the automounter with Solaris 8
> > client? This is going to force me to use another LDAP server
> > if there isn't.
> >
> > Thanks.. Mike

David L. Armstrong
Blackstone Technology Group
(408) 295-7295 x5306