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RE: OpenLDAP and Win2K

The SAMBA grup is working on solving parts of the issues involved.



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Subject: Re: OpenLDAP and Win2K

Hi Carmi,
> I have read through as much of the documentation (including the FAQ)
> as I can find, and I can't quite tell if one can use OpenLDAP as an
> Active Directory Server for a Win2k network. I'd like to have all my
> AD servers be FreeBSD or Linux boxes and not have any Win2K server
> boxes.
> So here are the questions:
>     1. Can OpenLDAP act as a Win2K Active Directory Server?

No, you cannot use another directory server to replace AD if you want to
continue using Windows 2000 native mechanisms. If you want another
directory server, you'd need to provide adapted authentication/network
layers like Novell does or setup replication between AD and your
directory server.
The other way round works though, ie. using AD as an LDAP directory
server for Unix environments.

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