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Re: OpenLDAP support for LDAPv3 features? (more Solaris automounterissues)

How about using the open source automounter? It comes with linux;
probably can find it off of freshmeat.net. The schema is discussed in
the config file; you'll have to make up the object classes/attributes in
your config.

Archive User wrote:

> >>Solaris LDAP client says it requires the following LDAPv3 features:
> >These are not LDAPv3 features.  That is, they are not part
> >of the "core" protocol.  They are elective extensions to
> >LDAPv3.
> >OpenLDAP elects not implement these extensions.
> Is there anyother way to support the automounter with Solaris 8
> client? This is going to force me to use another LDAP server
> if there isn't.
> Thanks.. Mike