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Re: How list all of the contents of an LDAP Directory.

I doubt about it.  The option '-z' can just control how many entries the client wants to be returned rather than how many entries that the server can return.  The sizelimit configured on the server controls.  If your server size limit has been set to 499, you can ask fewer but not more.

Correct me please if I'm wrong.


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>>> Daniell Freed <dxf@dewittross.net> 03/23/01 08:37AM >>>
There may be a size limit set in the slapd.conf file that will inhibit you
from retrieving more than 499 entries at a time.  I think, from what the
ldapsearch man page says, that if you bind to the server as the rootdn you can
add a -z 0 to your ldapsearch to retrieve everything.  So you could do
something like this:

ldapsearch -z 0 -b "o=somecompany.com" -D "cn=manager,o=somecompany.com" -W

and you should get everything back.


Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó wrote:

> Hi,
> How can I list all the entries of one LDAP Directory while the slapd daemon
> is running in read-write mode (I can't use the slapcat command if the slapd
> daemon is in read-write mode) ?
> I'm trying to use the ldapsearch, but it only list 499 entries.
> May I list all the entries with the ldapsearch command ?
> Any help is wellcome :)
> Thanks.
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