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dissapearing entries

Hi list,

We run a webmail with ~70.000 users, openldap 1.2.11 with berkleyDB as
auth backend, everything on redhat 6.2. All nice and well, only one
confusing problem: I have to dump whole database into a ldif about every
three months and rebuild it, because some entries simply dissapear. A
few hours ago I cought another one and took some time to play with it.
User's username is sokolbezigrad, ldapsearch uid=sokolbezigrad returns
nothing, but doing a ldapsearch uid=sokol* returns his complete entry,
along with some others. Of course, this users whole entry is also
present in ldif dump. In the three months we get up to 40 'missing'
users. What could be the cause of such behaviour? Any ideas?

I've seen some other similiar reports here ... and would really like to
get this fixed. Any way I can help?


Jure Pecar