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RE: UW-IMAP auth via PAM & LDAP

Miquel, I do not see any intelligent errors anyplace.  Slapd shows the
messages as seen in my last post.  I still can't tell from it weather it
liked my password.

/var/log/maillog displays:
Mar 20 16:12:53 spawn imapd[25020]: Login failure user=mcoughlan

Mar 20 16:15:25 spawn inetd[465]: pid 25079: exit status 1

Mar 20 16:15:16 spawn imapd[25079]: connect from

> Have made de migration of the say local acounts to the LDAP server?

How do I migrate Linux accounts to LDAP entries?  This may be what I am
missing. I will look at padl.com. UW-IMAP requires home directories for mail
folders.  How are these determined from an LDAP authentificatoin?  If
/etc/password is no longer necessary, then how does LDAP replace it.

Thanks again for all your help.