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Re: can run slapd on Mandrake7.2

 I have experienced, the same thing,

You may  have tried to install openldap a couple times and you have
multiple slapd files.  If you are using the slapd from release 1.211
(stable) therefore not Ldap v2-3 compliant,
and you refer to a slapd.conf file that includes cosine.schema, you will

get that error.   When I had the problem, the "bad slapd" was in
/usr/local/bin directory, while the proper one was in
/usr/local/libexec or something like that.


> Hi all,
>      Did you ever use openldap release with Mandrake7.2?
> When I try to run it, it gave me errors as follow:
> reading config file /etc/openldap/core.schema
> )ine 30 SINGLE-VALUE NO-USER-MODIFICATION USAGE directoryOperation )
> /etc/openldap/core.schema: line 30: unknown directive "attributetype"
> outside d)
> )ine 36 SINGLE-VALUE NO-USER-MODIFICATION USAGE directoryOperation )
>      Why it can not read attributetype definition?

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