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supplying old value to modify unicodePwd on AD?

Well, this is Net::LDAP, which I believe is built on OpenLDAP, but this seems
a good place to ask. :)

"HOWTO: Change a Windows 2000 User's Password Through LDAP"

Says if I BER-encode a Unicode string and put it in between some quotation
marks, I can send a delete request followed by an add.  The delete and add
must include the old and new password strings, respectively.

Which begs the question, how do I supply the old password value when deleting
the unicodePwd attribute?  That seems ... a little weird ...

Any ideas?  Has anyone managed to do AD password changes via LDAP?  Or can
grok the (lower-level looking) code in the above URL and explain how / if I
can do this in Perl?  I'm happy to share the resulting script with the
community, if I can get it to work.