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Objectclass violation

I'm getting objectclass violation when I'm trying to add an organisation with my function which I wrote in C. I have added the suffix in my slapd.config file. I'm running openldap-1.2.11. Please help.

int entry_add_domain(void)
  LDAPMod  *mods[2];
  LDAPMod   attribute1;
  char     *objectclass_value[]={"top", "organization",  NULL};
  int       rc;

  attribute1.mod_type = "objectclass";
  attribute1.mod_op = 0;
  attribute1.mod_values = objectclass_value;
  rc = ldap_add_s( ld, "o=visitor.com", mods ); 
  if ( rc != LDAP_SUCCESS ) {
    fprintf( stderr, "ldap_add_s: %s\n", ldap_err2string( rc ) );
  else { 
    printf( "%s  modified successfully.\n", name_string );       
  return( TRUE );

Regards Magnus

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