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Re: weird problem

Thus spake craigl:

> I am running into a bit of a problem that I cannot seem to figure out.
> We are currently running openldap 1.x and are looking to migrate to 2.x.
> I have added the schema, dumped the database and imported in into 2.x,
> but, it seems that and and all "userPassword" attributes are not coming
> over as what we have defined in 1.x.  They seem to be all encrypted.
> Is there something I am just missing in trying to get plain text passwords
> to take in 2.x??

I think what you are seeing is that the passwords a base64-encoded,
whereas with the 1.2 client tools they weren't.  It kinda bugs me too;
I don't know of an copy to automatically decode them.  I usually end up
using a machine with 1.2 still installed.

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