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Problem with LDAP search

I just fed some entries into an LDAP db using slapcat.
Now I can search fine for any known entry.
If I have less than 5 entries in the db, then the ldapsearch gives all
the entries, but if there are more than 5, then I get a output value of
success, but no data.

I am using:
#ldapsearch -b "dc=perseus,dc=worldgatein,dc=net" "objectclass=*" -vv
-u -H ldap://

Can anyone tell me how to get a dump of all the entries?
[Other than slapcat, which seems to return only entries added by
slapadd, entries made with ldapadd return an error :( ]

Devdas Bhagat
	"Do you smell something burning or is it me?"
		-- Joan of Arc