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Re: memory leak in 1.2.11


I don't know about any memory leak, but We are running openLDAP 1.2.11 on a
FreeBSD system, and in the beginning we hade some problems with crasches, we
started to suspect that threads were not working so well, so we compiled without
threads and have not had any problem since. Our server is not highly loaded, we
use it to store netscape roaming profiles for about 40 users. But it has been up
and running now for several months without any problems.

If you have enabled threads, you might wan't to try without.


Citerat från  Mark Powell <M.S.Powell@salford.ac.uk>:

> On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Konrads Smelkov wrote:
> > Hello, i read about mem leak in openldap-1.2.11, is it fixed and is
> there patch aviable? Otherwise, my system crashes once heavier load is
> put on it.
> I've asked about this before too, but never had any response. My slapd
> just grows and grows. Restarting it every day is the only way to control
> it. I wish someone would confirm whether 1.2.11 does have a memory leak.
>   Cheers.
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