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Re: Fwd: crypt MD5 passwords: invalid credentials

Thus spake Kurt D. Zeilenga:

> I believe there was an OpenLDAP ITS filed and closed.  It's not really
> an OpenLDAP issue.  We just use the crypt(3) the linker provides (based
> upon user provided configuration information).  Other than avoiding
> {crypt} passwords (which are not portable) as crypt(3) differs widely
> from system to system, I suggest modifying OpenSSL not to provide
> crypt(3) on systems which provide one themselves.

I can see why you'd think that.  It looks like OpenSSL 0.9.6 supports MD5
passwords now to; I see in the change log:

 *) Add BSD-style MD5-based passwords to 'openssl passwd' (option '-1').
     [Bodo Moeller]

Anyhow, I made this simple patch that moves $(LUTIL_LIBS) ahead of
$(SECURITY_LIBS), in case anyone else is searching the archives for a
solution to the same problem.

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		-- H.L. Mencken
--- ./servers/slapd/Makefile.in.orig	Thu Mar  8 15:57:24 2001
+++ ./servers/slapd/Makefile.in	Thu Mar  8 16:02:35 2001
@@ -43,8 +43,9 @@
 # $(LTHREAD_LIBS) must be last
 XLIBS = libbackends.a -lavl -lldbm -lldif -llutil -lldap_r -llber
+ 	 $(LUTIL_LIBS) \
 BUILD_OPT = "--enable-slapd"

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