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Re: Modifying multivalue attributes with PerLDAP

Have you modified 'cn' (or 'name') to be singled valued?

I suggest you provide the BER of the request you sent
(in hex) or duplicate the error using ldapmodify(1).

At 04:35 PM 3/8/01 -0500, Chris Sheeran wrote:
>Dear y'all,
>I have a problem modifying multivalue attributes for an
>existing entry.
>With OpenLDAP 2.07, I can use PerLDAP to add multivalue
>attributes to a new entry, as described in the Wilcox book
>'Implementing LDAP', e.g.
>$entry->addValue("cn","Chris Sheeran");
>$entry->addValue("cn","Chris T. Sheeran");
>$entry->addValue("cn","CT Sheeran");
>This works great, but I have not been able to modify these
>values in an existing entry. The Wilcox book suggests the
>following can be used:
>$entry->{cn}=["Chris Sheeran","Chris T. Sheeran","CT
>but this fails on update with the following error:
>LDAP error: : Invalid syntax 
>LDAP error: : additional info: multiple values provided
>This same code is successful with the Netscape Server. What
>must I do to update multivalue attributes in OpenLDAP?
>(using Perl, if possible?)
>Chris Sheeran, JAARS, Inc.