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Memory Leak?

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.0.7 (top of the CVS tree).  I've noticed what
looks like a serious memory leak using the LDAP back end.  I ran
1,000,000 queries through using it as an LDAP repeater and the OSZ/VSZ
as reported by ps went from:
341 --> 3854

2760 --> 30032.

I know of the one memory leak reported in getattr.c and have fixed
that.  I've seen reports of memory leaks in the thread packages, but I
don't think so.  I built 2.0.7 a with gdbm back end, populated the data
base, and ran the same query stream.  The OSZ/VSZ looks like:
341 --> 713

2728 --> 5704.

I'm seeing a little growth (the full 1,000,000 queries won't be finished
for an hour or so yet) but nothing that will get me up to the LDAP back
end numbers.

FYI, I'm running Solaris 2.6 Generic_105181-23,  gcc version 2.8.1, pth
1.3.7, and gdbm 1.8.0.

I've look at the archives but I've found mostly rumors.  Any information
is appreciated.

Also, while I have your attention, what's the best way of finding a
memory leak in a gcc environment.  Sun's dbx has a "find memory leaks"
option but I haven't seen one in gdb.

Jim Malcolm
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180 Park Ave.
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973 236 6469
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