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Re: pam_ldap, nss_ldap on solaris 6

Sorry if I write directly to you, but I've a problem which is driving me
crazy!! A Solaris Server with openssh (with pam support) authenticates
fetching information from an ldap server (openldap of course :)). It works
fine, but if I try to connect as normal user when I do "ls -l" or "ps
-ef" I can't get the owner name of process/file; but if I acquire root
priviliges everything goes well... WHY?
Openssh is run of course as root and it succedes in query ldap...
A normal user doesn't...
Privileges problem? It seems that a normal user doesn't query ldap or
something else don't let him do it. WHAT?
Hope in your help,
Best Regards!

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, SRIDHAR BANDI wrote:

> Hello ,
>           you can get the openldap source at  www.openldap.org under
> downloads
>           get that source compiled and you can get the libraries.
>  regards
> bandi
> Vitalen Ferruccio wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm trying to install openssh with pam support in order to pam_ldap later.
> > I succeded in the first phase: I installed openssl, openssh, but I can't
> > get pam_ldap installed as I miss ldap.h.
> > Should I install openldap even in the client? I hope no, but where can I
> > download ldap libraries to compile pam_ldap and nss_ldap??
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Ferruccio Vitale