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Help:ldap_add_s: Object class violation.

I am trying to add an attribute to one of my LDAP databases and I get this
error :
ldap_add_s: Object class violation.

Below is how a section of my dumped LDAP database:
dn: M5=$800, ou=M5Name, o=m5net.com
objectclass: top
M5name: Mick De
M5class: M5cLine
M5oidtype: 0-0-2
M5: 0800.20c6.a6fe.3a92.bcdf.0060
creatorsname: cn=Directory Manager
createtimestamp: 20010220185217Z
M5address: 0800.20c6.a6fe.3a83.1089.001e:100
M5forward: 0800.20c6.a6fe.3a83.1086.000d,23,16462305013
modifiersname: cn=Directory Manager

All i want is to add the entry M5soundFile: 000-000-000 to the above section
of the database.

So I created a file in /tmp/newentry which had the following commands in it:
dn: M5soundFile=000-000-000, M5=$800, ou=M5Name, o=m5net.com
objectclass: top
objectclass: M5inst
objectclass: M5InstLine
M5soundFile: 000-000-000

Then I typed in the command:
ldapadd -w mypasswd -f /tmp/newentry

and I got this error message on stderr as:
adding new entry M5soundFile=000-000-000, M5=$800, ou=M5Name, o=m5net.com
ldap_add_s: Object class violation

Can someone please advise as to what I am doing wrong here?