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Re: referral on openldap v2.07

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your help. Phew...it worked again!

Pls advice which should be the correct entry to add for referral:

dn: ref="ldap://localhost/o=org1",c=sg
objectclass: referral
ref: ldap://localhost/o=org1


dn: o=org1,c=sg
objectclass: referral
objectclass: extensibleobject
o: org1
ref: ldap://localhost/o=org1/

The admin guide states the use of entry 2 but it does not work. instead,
entry 1 works fine. any comments?


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To: Tux <csyap@starnet.gov.sg>; OpenLDAP mailinglist
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: referral on openldap v2.07

> Am Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2001 08:14 schrieb Tux:
> > I've manged to get referral working on openldap v1.2.11 but when
> > to v2.0.7, re-generate new databases, it seems that the referral stopped
> > working. I performed a search "ldapsearch -x -b "c=sg" cn=*". Pls help.
> > Thanks.
> Hi,
> don't worry, it's not the referrals that stopped working, only the default
> behavious of ldapsearch has changed with Version 1.x referral chasing was
> enabled by default, with V 2 it's disabled by default.
> Just add the -C option to your ldapsearch.
> Stephan
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