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mod_auth_pam and LDAP

hi there,

RH 7.0
openldap 2.0.7
nss_ldap 142
mod_auth_pam 1.0a

i am trying to get mod_auth_pam to hit pam to authenticate against my
LDAP database.

at this point, i can successfully login via ssh and authenticate against
LDAP.  pam and openldap communicate via ssl (starttls).

when i restart httpd, i can see it hitting the LDAP server as openldap log
messages scroll by.  when i try to use basic auth, however, it doesn't
seem that the request ever gets to LDAP, the log shows no activity.  the
basic auth request fails; the httpd log suggests that authentication

.htaccess file:

AuthPAM_Enabled on
AuthPAM_FallThrough off
AuthType Basic
AuthName "sasha's area"
require user sasha

i would appriciate any help with this.  i will gladly provide any
additional information upon request.

thank you,