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AW: ldbmcat

> Where do I get ldbmcat from? I´ve installed the 2.0.7 openldap server
> and want to export and import some data. I the faq I´ve found I need
> the ldbmcat -n id2entry.dbb command to export a data in ldif format
> from a server, but I can find the ldbmcat tool on my machine or
> anywhere else.

ldbmcat isn't part of the openldap package anymore. use sbin/slapcat

> By the way, what´s the best way to import data to my ldap server
> after I made a export from another one?

use sbin/slapadd (offline) oder bin/ldapadd (online). dunno which is
'better' allthought slapadd is much faster.