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Limiting memory usage on 1.2.11 under FBSD 4.2S (fwd)

  I'm running slapd from OpenLDAP 1.2.11 under a couple of week old
FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE. The database it serves is recreated from a MySQL DB
every night. Thus slapd get's restarted every night. Even so it can grow
to around 700MB in size in just one day. All the files including indexes
that it serves only total 50MB, so why does it grow to this size? I'm
guessing that it or part of FBSD are leaking as it doesn't seem right that
cached responses should far exceed the size of the data itself.
  I've just discovered the cachesize & dbcachesize directives which I was
not using before. The defaults are relatively small though 1000 entries
and 100000 bytes respectively, which should keep the memory usage low?

BTW The records are very small, just holding email address, full name
etc. for our users.

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