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changing defaultaccess to none

I would like to change defaultaccess to none, but when I do so, I can't
seem to get anywhere with my admin dn.

So I installed ldap from a debian package and I want to use it to
authenticate users.  I haven't populated the database yet, instead I
have what the debian script has generated (selecting ldif instead of
auto when installing the debian package didn't work).

It works fine when I do:
ldapsearch -b 'o=Myorg,c=AU' 'objectclass=*'
when defaultaccess is read.  But when I change it to write and do:
ldapsearch -b 'o=Myorg,c=AU' -W 'cn=root, ou=People, o=Myorg, c=AU'
And enter a password, I don't get anything.

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong that is obvious?  If
not, how can I debug this and find out what is going on when I issue
that command?


Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia