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Re: Excessive Processor Usage

Sam Johnston wrote:

> Chris,
> Finally a response... I do actually use nscd on some of the machines
> (although not all), and there's only a few machines anyway. Thanks for the
> suggestion though. Is it normal to see so many processes running? It seems
> they periodically need to do a lot of work (it doesn't seem to matter
> whether or not they're processing many queries) and then go back to
> 'ticking over' at about 0.5. Surely people are using [Open]LDAP at much
> larger sites without these problems?

In my opinion you're experiencing something very strange
and definitely unusual, because all those processes you see
which have been living for hours don't look good. They are
threads of the main server, so, while the original (three)
processes may last for a long time, all the children that are
alive at some point should be pretty young and die before
reaching that age...

I guess the problem is somewhere on your networking, that
keeps connections alive in a possibly hung (but resouce
consuming) state for a long time. I'm afraid I can't tell you
more. I noticed every now and then a similar behavior when
using OpenLDAP 1.2.X, but it is nearly gone now that I use
OpenLDAP 2.0. Maybe you should disallow reverse lookups,
tcp wrappers and so, that may cause network bottlenecking
on relatively busy LANs.


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