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Re: Excessive Processor Usage

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Christopher Audley wrote:

> Keep in mind that nss_ldap will need to do uid number to uid name
> translations
> every time someone types 'ls'.  This could potentially create a lot of
> search traffic
> in and of itself.  A solution to this is the name service cache deamon (
> nscd )
> which works with nss.  This deamon, as its name suggests, caches the results
> of nss lookups ( from any nss service ) so that traffic against the server
> is reduced.

   Another hint is create indexes uidNumber and gidNumber. You will have
to rebuild your LDBM database after that. And other thing I noticed is the
maximum number of file descriptors a process can open simultaneously. My
slapd, running on Solaris 7 Intel, has hung often 4 or my times at day,
but after I increased this parameter (from 64 to 256), it became stable.

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