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Re: User Authentication with LDAP???

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Thomas Miskiewicz wrote:

> I have no idea how to set up the user authentication.

   Hi, Tom.

   You will need LDAP version of the Name Service Switch Library
(nss_ldap), and maybe the same for PAM (pam_ldap). They can be found on
http://www.padl.com/. Also take a look at RFC 2307, which describes a
schema for storing traditional Unix administrative information (accounts,
groups, hosts, protocols, services, and so on) in a LDAP directory.
   Now, my question for this list. Has someone faced up with terrible
performance problems when using LDAP as described above and Samba as a PDC
? In my case, I don't use pam_ldap, but pam_smb for easy integration
between Samba (NT) and Unix accounts. I have about 30 simultaneous
Windows NT clients and two LDAP servers (OpenLDAP-1.2.11). I use
nss_ldap 143 and nscd on  both servers. One server is  a  Pentium-II 300
128 MB with RedHat Linux 7.0, and the other is a dual Pentium-III 500 512
MB RAM with Solaris 7. In both servers CPU raises to 99% when users log in
on NT. After a lot of  tests conceirning capacity of the LDAP servers, I
have noticed that this problem happens when NT is downloading the profile.
And, it looks like nss_ldap has a key role ...

   Thanks for any help.

  Prof. Marcelo Maia Sobral
  Administrador de Redes
  Univali - Campus São José
  Fone: (0xx48) 281-1558