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Problem creating new object

Hello everybody

I'm trying to create a new object to add to an LDAP directory, but it is
getting harder than I expected.
When I create an object that is just the extension of another, for
example, adding some attributes to a person, all goes fine.
But if I whan to create a completly new object, based for example in
organization, which DN could be dn: url=www.domain.com,dc=domain,dc=com,
How can I do it ?
Also, Is it possible to create an object from organization which DN
could be dn: url=www.domain.com, port=80, dc=domain, dc=com ? That is,
adding two components to the DN of the extended object. Of course, url
and port should be attributes created by me.

Thanks in advance.

If the questions are not clear, please tell me, I can give more details.