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Re: bug in filter->f_choice definition

At 05:47 PM 2/16/01 +0100, kern.nl wrote:
>I found a bug in filter.c in servers/slapd/ in version 2.07
>I was trying some trics with nss_ldap from padl. When specifying a sub filter it generates a incorrect filter resulting in a (badfilter) in my syslog
>in the switch statement in filter.c it defaults to a badfilter when the filtertype could not be determined.
>it does return LDAP_SUCCES though and does not supply with further info on the type.
>maybe a error return and addittional debug msgs would be nicve here..;)

Sounds like you sent the server a filter which is Undefined which
successfully matched zero entries.  This is the behavior to be
expected (per RFC 2251) for such a filter.  It is not an error
to provide an Undefined filter.