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AW: replication question

> Unless you run another slurpd proccess on your slave, but I 
> don't know how
> the outcome will be...

first thought is, that this will create a loop. ldap master replicates to
ldap slave, ldap slave (running as master too, with slurpd..) replicates to
the master, and the master replicates...

allthought, you could change slapd, so you can give lets say, an IP, for
wich no replogs should be written. which will break the loop. (don't
replicate changes to the slave, that came from the slave..)

hm, i'd suggest to make ldap-changes either local on the slapd master, or
connect to an internal (private) realserver IP of slapd master, and not the
virtual, switched address.. (you do loadbalancing via l4switch or smth like