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incorrect failure of search


I'm going through some load tests and get some 'no such object' errors, but
the search should return ok.

I'm testing the following: - send emails to members of a pool of 1000 over
smtp. The smtp server does a lookup for authentication and other attributes.
Occasionally a lookup fails for a subscriber but previous and following
lookups for the same subscriber succeed. The matched dn for the failed
lookup shows some parts, but of course not the required dn.
I'm using the top commando and see that there is nearly no idle time on the

My environment is as follows: digital unix 4.0f on DS20, openldap 2.0.0(with
some changes on sockets), backend ldbm filled with 1000 subscribers, index
on subscriber phone number.

Tia for any help
Grtz Eric van Mulken