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Having problems logging into my RH 7.0 LDAP client (LDAP configured as part
of the RH install).  The server is OpenLDAP version 2.0.6 running on RH 6.2.
The client does connect with the server but am getting the following errors
in the client's messages file.

Feb 14 09:54:51 testclient PAM_unix[1480]: check pass; user unknown
Feb 14 09:54:51 testclient PAM_unix[1480]: authentication failure; (uid=0)
-> testuser for system-auth service
Feb 14 09:54:51 testclient login[1480]: pam_ldap: ldap_search_s No such

Are there known problems with Red Hat client setup?
Is there a problem with openldap 1.2 clients hand-shaking with openldap
2.0.6 servers?


Gerry Morong
gerry.morong@compaq.com <mailto:gerry.morong@compaq.com>