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Re: Groups

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, [iso-8859-1] Facundo CÚsar Ortiz wrote:

>  I need to arm groups in LDAP, that is to say, groups which one send a
> mail and this group represents several users.

Are you trying to set up a mail address which, when a mail arrives on your
system for that address, delivers the mail to multiple recipients?  If so,
you want ou=aliases, which needs to be supported by your MTA (otherwise you
can put it in a flatfile, but that's not LDAP so we'll leave it for another

I'm not quite sure what else you could mean, to be frank.  Could you give us
a better description of the problem (maybe with an example?).  Also, the
answer will probably depend to some extent on the LDAP support in your MTA,
so it would probably help to give us that info, too.

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Matthew Palmer