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ACL confusion


I am trying to set ACL's on my first real directory, however, they don't
seem to be working.  Basically before I set the ACL I can query the
directory for everything that I need to (PAM, Auth_LDAP, search, etc.)  but
when I add the ACL everything seems to break.  Rather than post my "mess"
which has changed numerous times in numerous attempts to get it right, I
thought that it would be better to post a sample entry and requirements...

Entry has:

Need to have:
unauthenticated users get only cn and mail
system can search for uid, uidnumber, account (e.g. PAM, Auth_LDAP)
Authenticated users can only change thier password

Once I see how ACLs are supposed to be assembled I should be able to make it
fit our application (which is still developing, hence the reason for not
posting actual data).

Thanks in advance,
- Bennett