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Re: Discerning data types with OpenLDAP 1.2.x

LDAPv2 does not provide schema discovery.  I strongly recommend
any new applications be developed for LDAPv3.


At 08:00 PM 2/11/01 +0100, Ricardo Palomares Martínez wrote:

>I'm writting an LDAP v2 client application, and I wonder about the
>best way to discrimine what data type is behind every attribute. Can I
>somehow ask to the LDAP server how should I process the values (as
>integer values, as strings, as dates, etc.) in order to print them? If
>not, I assume my best chance is to define an user-extensible list with
>the more common attributes (cn, sn, organization...) and its type;
>when the attribute is not found in that list, I would simply print it
>in hexadecimal. Am I right?
>Of course, I'm using OpenLDAP (v1.2.7) client libraries. Thanks in
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