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Re: Couldn't start TLS

> I have intalled a OpenLDAP with SSL support. Basically to use
> ldapmodify to change passwords in the Windows 2000 Active Directory.
> But when I type something like: ldapmodify -D "binddn" -W -b
> "dc=domain" -Z cn=user , the program send me a message saying that
> "WARNING: could not start TLS".

have you created a certificate for your ldap server?  there are some good
messages in the list archives and a faq in the faq-o-matic on the openldap

from what i've read it looks like you need to generate key for a
certificate authority and then sign a second key with that and show both
to openldap.  i don't understand why yet and haven't made it work yet but
that appears to be what is required.

from the faq:

from the list archives (read through the entire threads)