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Timestamps in 2.0.7?

OpenLDAP 1.2.x used to maintain timestamp and name fields for each
record (creatorsName,modifiersName,createTimestamp,modifyTimestamp).

These appear to be gone in 2.0.7.  Does the server maintain any
similar attributes that can be queried?

The reason I ask is I would like to have my web/mail servers query
query the LDAP database for DN's which have been created or modified
recently.  This is necessary so they can initialize the mail and web
directories for these newcomers.

>From my experience with 1.2.11, I was planning on doing a search
for (modifyTimestamp > 10 minutes ago).  Is there something native
to the 2.0 server that I can use for this, or do I have to maintain
an attribute manually?

Carl Litt
Network Administrator
Execulink Internet