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Re: Slapd crashes often on Solaris 8

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Dr. Ian C. Smith wrote:

> I've had quite a lot of bitter experience with this. The received wisdom
> seems to be that it's an OS issue. It appears that there's a memory leak in
> recomp() in libc. Since this is kinda fundamental I would doubt if cache /
> threading makes much difference. Sun say there's no patch available at the
> moment but says it will be fixed in the next minor release.
> On a more positive point, I soak tested 2.0.7 on solaris 2.6 over the
> weekend (mulithreaded with TCP wrappers) - 3.2 million queries in approx 60
> hours. Memory useage was approx 10 MB with only 300 KB added since slapd
> was started.
> Perhaps I could suggest other sufferers hassle Sun Microsystems ??!!

below is what I found on sunsolve.  I applied mu3, but it does not fix the
problem.  I do not have a 1/01 kit.  I hope that it will fix the problem.

Bug ID   Synopsis   Date
4341290   memory leak in regcomp   19 Jan 2001

Category library
Subcategory libc
State integrated

Description Top

The funcion __regcomp_C has been modified to malloc the subexpression
variables sxp and subidx. These are freed in all error exits but not
if regcomp returns success.

Work Around (none)
Integrated in Releases s28u4_06, s81_17
Duplicate of (none)
Patch ID (none)
See Also 4313316, 4346069
Summary (none)