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Internal Server Error

I have a written a program to add/delete/modify entries in my openLDAP 2.0.7
rh 6.2 system.
On some entries however, the modify portion of the program causes the LDAP
server to crash and return the error code 0x01 (Internal server Error).  I
was wondering what this meant exactly.  Could this be the result of a
corrupted backend DB?  or is this error message as ambigious as I feared?
This only happens when I try and modify an existing entry, however it does
not happen every time I modify the same entry.  Add and Deletes work fine.

Any suggestions? ( I know this message is vague, I'm new to programming and
VERY new to ldap programming.  I simply don't know where to go from here and
any advice would be appreciated. )

Thanks again!

Matthew Hoskins -- Cisco Certified Network Associate
Ponyexpress.net / MagicCablePC / NPGCO
Systems Administrator