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I want to create a good ldap tree

Hello all,

I'm a french student and I must create a LDAP tree for an enterprise.
So i will ask you some advises.

I've got a problem with the identification of the persons.

There are 3 categories :
- employee
- customer
- supplier

Each employee has got an uid (his login like "tqueste") and a password
But the customers and the suppliers haven't got any of these
attributes. All theirs attributes are:
- surname/givenname (or common name ?)
- postaladdress
- phonenumber
- phonenumber2
- mobile
- e-mail

My question is : How can I identify a customer or a supplier ?

Because :
  >A customer/supplier hasn't ever got a surname and a givenname
     - we could have :
         sn        = smith
         givenname =
     - Or :
         sn        =
         givenname = john
  >A customer/supplier has got a phonenumber OR phonenumber2 OR a
  e-mail OR a mobile. In fact, we don't know all the attributes :-(

I must identify the customers and the suppliers because I must create
add/modify/delete PHP pages for the LDAP tree.

Thanks for all,