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using ssl and OpenLDAP

To all,

Forgive me if this has been covered before but I could not find any
quick answers searching the newsgroup. I have some questions regarding
using SSL with openldap. The first question regards the server. I
noticed that there is a FAQ about getting a CA cert into the server. Is
that FAQ still applicable or are there easier ways to get the CA cert
into the server. 
Second question is with regard to the client. I noticed that there is a
funciton name ldap_start_tls with no man page. I assume this is the
function to use to begin ssl. But where does the client retrieve the
cert list from? I.e. where and in what format should the cert database
be stored?
If anyone has been able to use the openldap client and server over SSL,
I would greatly appreciate a guide to setting things up. Also what needs
to be done to use the OpenLDAP client against another LDAP server (i.e.
Netscape) over SSL.

Thanks a lot,

Yoel Spotts			yoel@vasco.com
VASCO Data Security, Inc.	http://www.vasco.com