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Question about threads

Problem with threads in version 1.2.x is explain in
faq-o-matic, but I try to compile gnu threads on
pc with instaling Solaris 8 and its fail. On Linux
and sparc SunOS all is ok (mean compiling threads)
Make test fails, but with --enable-debug it's working.
Is this treads don't work on Solaris-Intel platform ?

I need threads (for good performance) in ldap server,
so is openldap 1.2.11 enought stable with treads ? If yes,
then pleas tell me which treads: gnu, pmp (last released
in '98y), sgi-threads, or from mozilla, or another.

And about openldap 2.0.7. Is any problems with stability
with treads ? If yes, then pleas tell me any solution
(all hardware and OS platforms).

I'm testing v1.2.11 at the moment.. Server without threads
is too slow.. With threads performance lookings good, but
first test was ends after 2 minuts - process disappears
from memory. Second: it's working 1h now, and all is ok..

Next, I would like to test 2.0.7 version, so can anybody
tell me about possibility problemas ?
				Sylwester Lunski 

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