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Re: Research time is important (2)

Hi markus,

Thank you for your Help,

I have watch the log file and ,when the research take the timelimit, slapd compare one by one the entries to the filter

I have regenerate the index and there is the same problem.



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"Markus Storm" <Markus.Storm@mediaWays.net> on 02/02/2001 15:28:14
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Turn on debugging and watch for log lines telling you how many
entries match each part of a filter. Maybe you are bitten by
allidsthreshold, causing all entries to be examined.

Or you might have a broken index. Try regenerating it.
And upgrade to 2.0.7, anyway :)


Benoit.Le_Bras@alcatel.fr wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to do a search on my database that contains about 400 000 entries
> When i do a search like
> ldapsearch ... "(&(|(VoiceMailboxId=10)(VoiceMailboxId=11)(VoiceMailboxId=12))(VPUNumber=2)(vpuSiteName=clust50))"
> the result research take 4 minutes (timelimit) in one case :
> - if the vpuSiteName exist, VPUNumber don't exist and whatever the existence of the VoiceMailboxId
> For the other case the result research take 1 sec
> My configuration in slapd.conf :
> index cn,uid,telephoneNumber eq
> index telephoneNumber2,telephoneNumber1,telephoneNumber3,telephoneNumber4,adrIMAP4 eq
> index vpuSiteName,VoiceMailboxId,VPUNumber eq
> index objectClass eq
> I use a BerkeleyDB database and openldap 2.0.4
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Benoit

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