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Re: slapd 2.0.7 and solaris 8

> I appears that the leak is coming from the regcomp() function in libc.
> So, this is an OS bug.  I have a Solaris 7 installation and I do not
> see this problem.  Sun has apparently integrated the fix in the
> s28u4_06 and s81_20 releases.  I am not sure what these releases mean.  
> It is possible that these are media kit releases.  Does anyone know?

yes these solaris 8 media releases (solaris 2.8 april 4 and jan 20). 

i am still in the process of getting native solaris 8 nss/pam stuff to
work with openldap.  i saw your post (dated 12 sep) but have a couple
questions if you don't mind.

- is the patch you list still required?  i see that there have been quite
  a few releases since sep 12, have these changes been included?

- i see information in your mail (and another web site which references
  your mail) about having to mess around with ldap_gen_profile but i still
  don't understand exactly what is required to actually make the native 
  solaris 8 libs with with openldap.

if you would be willing to help me get this working i will be happy to
document this all from the ground up to minimise future questions on the