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Re: commercial support for openldap ?

At 11:31 AM 1/31/01 +0100, Ookhoi wrote:
>We want to deploy ldap in our company and seem to have three options:
>Netscape Ldap
>Oracle Ldap
>We would like very much to deploy Openldap, but we need to 'sell' this
>to our managers. One thing they ask for is support. Of course support
>itself is not the problem (see this list, the website, howto's, etc),
>but they want support from a company which can take the responsibility
>for their support.
>Is there a company which sells support for Openldap?

See <http://www.openldap.org/support/> for a short list of companies
offering services, not necessarily support, for OpenLDAP.  There
may be others [and these may be added to the FAQ].  (I note that
some OS vendors might provide support if you ask^H^H^Hpay them

Of course, whether or not you actually get the support you
thought you bought is a completely different matter.... 
[This is a general statement and should not be viewed as
a despairing remark in regards to any particular support