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   I need to be asked for the password when i try to access the entry in the
directory, How do i go about it??

 I have included access control specifier in the slapd.conf file and each
entry in the directory is having userPassword attribute and what shud i need
to do, to go furthur??

access to attrs=userPassword,telephoneNumber
       by self write
       by anonymous auth
       by dn="cn=Admin,dc=iperia,dc=com" write
       by * none
access to *
       by self write
       by dn="cn=Admin,dc=iperia,dc=com" write
       by * read

and each entry is like
dn: cn=xyz abc,ou=Sales,ou=Employees,dc=iperia,dc=com
objectClass: Top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
objectClass: person
userPassword: {crypt}xyz
ou: Sales
cn: xyz
sn: abc