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OpenLDAP v1.2.x to OpenLDAP v2.0.x conversion...

I've been studying the issue during the weekend, and have been waiting
for authorisation on the SASL list. I just can't get MIT Kerberos v5 to

Anyway, while i wait and try my way forward (I can't do much until I get
Kerberos to work) I have some general questions about the conversion

Currently i use LDAP (the userPassword: {crypt}...) to store my passwords.
This is because the company already had some customers when i started working
here, and implemented a LDAP solution. Now we have even more customers,
and i estimate around 3-4 months implementation time to get the new system
underway (OpenLDAP v2.0.x, SASL, Kerberos, SSL/TLS).

The question is, is there ANY way to do the change transparent for the customers,
or will I have to FORCE a password change?

I guess i could crack the passwords, but...

Have anyone else faced this problem, and how was it solved?

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